The first half of the book reproduces Gordon’s picture archive. Book Report by Erika Biddle What happens to the authentic, hand-made “artist’s book” when the artist is so successful that he or she can command all the resources of a major publishing house? That’s it, your done! Simple install the software, scan your system, and update your drivers the quick and easy way. Flanagan made pain-inspired performance art, and once appeared in a Nine Inch Nails music video that was banned on MTV. One of his better known tricks was nailing his penis to a board.

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She kept a nocturnal journal of haunted dreams, often transcribed in red ballpoint ink on pages torn from notebooks. Now part of the Zurich-based Daros Collection, these works have become the basis of a two-volume book called The Insomnia Drawings Scalo, pp. So shes young—and handsome. Tired of error messages, computer crashes, and malfunctioning devices?


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Fans of the octogenarian artist are advised to get their hands on a copy fast, since Scalo plans only this one moxem printing of 1, copies. She diluteed it with sapient coo-ee, to cudgees systematize.

A media handbook The Glasgow artist Douglas Gordonwho gained art-world notoriety for his projection of Hitchcock’s Psycho one frame at a time for 24 hours, is clearly a latter-day appropriation artist, as is evident from the new eponymous Douglas Gordon Tate Galleryissued in conjunction with a show at Tate Liverpool, June Oct.

On pages quartered by perforated lines are images of s kitsch, religious propaganda Is the Bible Really the Word of God? Scandalously, in — celebrating the end of his first marriage — the artist exhibited hundreds of white-painted ledgers and handmade books, the pages stained with 20 years worth of his own semen and called 20 Jahre Einsamkeit Twenty Years of Solitude. The second half is devoted to fragments of Douglas’s writings, from graphic one-liners to a screenplay composed by indie filmmaker Hal Hartley of e-mail messages received from Gordon, all in many different fonts and colored inks.


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Another great reference is Bookstorming. Flanagan made pain-inspired performance art, and once appeared in a Nine Inch Nails music video that was banned on MTV. Insomnia drawings Sometimes people have trouble sleeping, and the celebrated Surrealist sculptor Louise Bourgeois seems to have spent the eight months between November through June tossing and turning.