Ill spend my money on real golf companies I. If your shot is a slice starting left and then curving right , then your club face is already pointing left of target at impact. But setting the club to left will help. Test for yourself how fast you can move your weight from right to left. My 3w, 5w and 4h are starting to be really consistent and long, but I am still having issues with my driver, mainly with slicing. Eramus Tilley Feb 16, at 3:

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First and foremost, this sucker is LONG. Keep working on your swing, taking lessons when you can. Danny Jan 28, at 7: Where would I place the golf ball for each iron relative to my left and right feet?

That was a joke. I worked really hard to get rid of my slice. You must log in or register to reply here.

Face Angle

I had several drives that were yards longer than my normal drives on certain holes, and while a few yards here or there could be due to conditions, there were enough instances of walking past my usual spot to know that the distance thing is legit. How can I hit my driver solid each time off the adjusy


Answered Nov 5, I was fortunate enough to play it on the 3rd day i… https: CTplayer Nikr 29, at 2: My advice to a beginner is to crank the loft to it’s maximum. Learn how your comment data is processed. I just want to be clear that this is not a plug-n-play driver that ends up being like all the rest once you wash off the logos and paint jobs.

Face Angle | Golf Monthly

Okay, do you get it now? From what I have seen it just does not work like that. Learn More at theartofsimplegolf. It was so much easier to play with it.

Did anyone ever consider that certain people like certain clubs or hit certain clubs better?

Nike VRS Covert Tour Driver Review | Three Guys Golf

Sorry for the inelegant example. How do I get set up for a hybrid? Imagine very thin blade irons with globs of lead on adjuzt very centre top, centre bottom, tip of the toe, and tip of the heel. I agree with some of the post here but this is what I think.

To cure “hitting from the top”, allow your lower body to initiate the down-swing, and letting your club drop to a lower plane. Clubfitting, custom clubs, doppler analysis. Legal Help Aug 17, at TaylorMade M4 Iron Review. What kind of driver should I use to get started in a long drive competition?

New Drivers  GF 6200TC DRIVER

Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Tour Driver Review

I went to the Nike booth at the PGA show and I was amazed that the standard weight on the new covert heads where around gram. Spinning wins every time! Why is there a right way to hold a golf club, a right way to swing a baseball bat, a right way to perform an operation, a right way to try a c Vaughn Burns September 18, at 7: Plenty of different clubs get a mention, and some of our older members also offer their advice on how to solve the issue of decreasing length.

What are some good tips to hit the ball consistently with a driver, iron, etc.?