My original plan was to use one for my house and the other two to create a P2P bridge to another building on my property. I am able to enter the password and it works fine. I provided most of the links for people to get what they need, however if you want the shortcut, email me and I’ll send you the specific stuff I’ve saved so I can do it again if need be. Video doorbell without WiFi? Inevitably, I can walk upstairs, power cycle it, and things come back to normal. I’m thinking about giving DLink a try based on the comments I’ve read here; I’ll think seriously before buying another Linksys product though. For us, using quality equipment has been well worth spending the extra cash.

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Perfect for HD gaming, video streaming, music downloads, data transfer. I have some wireless devices that have range problems but that is not the problem with the WAP The linksys I owned was the biggest piece of junk computer equipment I’ve ever owned, linkys is saying a lot.

wmp 11 pci card work with WPA encription? – Linksys Community

Maybe MAC filtering and turning off broadcasts solves the security issue. I need to go to the wlan-ng site to download a dhcp-client or should I go You can look at test. Anybody want a good deal on a WAP11? It’s plenty fast for this task.


Moral of the story, you can’t polish a turd. Long story short i had to enable WPA 2 on my home network. I relieved some stress today abusing the ver 4 by putting it in my watt microwave.

I dont know what the problem is. I sold a dlink wpx out of my system hoping for a little more range. IOW, a pretty complicated wall wart.

Linksys Network Drivers – drivers found – filter[non-Windows]. I think this will probably only work for the 2. Even the “cheepie” stuff like Hawkings works better the Linksys garbage. I get a little over 2. Message 8 of 16 77, Views.

Can’t Enable WPA 2 on Linksys WMP11 ver – Forums – CNET

Why the hell does this card not connect to WPA with the drivers supplied on this site?!?!? I also own a linksys PCMCIA card for my laptop, i have ot noticed any obvios problems, but the range problem could be attributed to this I guess. I dont know if its v or v4. Windows 7 64 bit, Download. I’ve made a website with my experiences at: Just look it apa online and you’ll get more information. For instance, my D-Link wireless webcam can barely exist 25 feet from the WAP while I can take a Mac powerbook over feet in the same direction, through the sames walls, etc with no problem.

I can’t even ping it over ethernet now, and I tried every Inevitably, I can walk upstairs, power cycle it, and things come linkssys to normal. You know what really bugs me tho?


Can’t Enable WPA 2 on Linksys WMP11 ver 2.1

In a fit of temporary insanity, I took a hammer to the card. Range still seems to be what it always was. A friend of mine heard of my debacle and donated two BEFW11S4’s one is a ver 1 and the other a ver 4. Except that I usually drop all my connections because it too me too long to notice. Aside from the fact that Netgear has pulled its WPA firmware for it as well as the fact that people stay wpaa from Netgear because of stability issues mines is vertically positioned to prevent it from overheating and locking upits actually a nice router with some easter eggs in it.

I didn’t know there was a WPA2 patch from Microsoft.

wmp 11 pci card work with WPA encription?

I’ve tried everything short of downloading SP 3, which one person said would help. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. Then, I used a driver found on Fujitsu’s support site