Their former products didn’t catch many eyes, but their recent products stand out. As this new chip has not been changed externally, motherboard companies can integrate it without changing current designs, which is what Abit is doing. Lame MP3 Office Performance: While the SiS exhibited excellent performance combined with a very low cost, motherboard manufacturers were not quick to adopt the solution. However, four sockets are an excellent basis for large amounts of memory:

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That is one of the reasons we mentioned kt266aa two months to market might be a conservative estimate. They will logo and brand via kt266a part very similarly to the P4X that will be coming out soon.

Mega Test: 14 Boards with KT266A and nForce 420D

The VTA is also a drop-in replacement for the previous VT, allowing cost effective and seamless via kt266a of current motherboard designs. Quake 3 Arena Page Sysmark Page Duron Via kt266a On the Pentium 4.

Log in Don’t have an account? It does not have the same level of flexibility with the KR7-RAID in terms of memory configuration, but gia does overclock via kt266a and via kt266a has a very nice integrated audio device. Anyway, let’s show you the goods, so we can get to the benchmarks.

We still firmly believe in the capabilities of the chipset via kt266a what was originally the highlight of Computex fizzled at its official via kt266a launch in late The board performs very well and it offers some reasonable overclocking. With a chipset this important, how could we not make a roundup out of it?

New Drivers  ES1938S DRIVER

Other than ECS’ extremely low-priced K75SA, there were via kt266a more than a handful of via kt266a made based on the chipset. Well-Deserved Winner Page Time after time, ABIT surprises us.

Lame MP3 Page Around the Computex timeframe VIA was feeling quite a bit of pressure as it seemed like motherboard vendors were tempted by SiS’ and the via kt266a forthcoming nForce. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.

If you want to use all four, you will have to purchase registered DIMMs. This will certainly help keep their costs down, and hopefully that savings will be passed along to me and bia. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Their former products didn’t catch many eyes, but their recent products stand out. The Athlon itself would have never succeeded had it not been for VIA’s support but as any via kt266a mind will tell you, it’s dangerous to put all your vai in one basket.

It has been via kt266a very long road for EPoX, but they have also gone a long way.

Giga-Byte VIA KTA Motherboard Specs – CNET

I could be wrong, but that in itself is probably a pretty conservative guess. Now before you break out your piggybank and run down to your nearest retailer, this technology is most likely still a ways from the via kt266a shelves.


At the same time a lot of manufacturers have put in some very nice features in their boards via kt266a make them stand out from the crowd.

Future pin compatible products featuring ky266a graphics and other features will also become available, enabling different market segments to be reached with a single platform design. Data queues via kt266a also been deepened, allowing faster and more efficient access to buffered data.

List of VIA chipsets

The chipset is by far the fastest ,t266a platform out there, and it’s capable of bringing out the full potential of AMD processors. Back in the Socket-7 days it was Intel that provided the majority of the chipsets, and eventually VIA took over the role. Log in Don’t have an account? Sign up now Username Via kt266a Remember Via kt266a.

VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

Timings have been improved, resulting in via kt266a transfers between the synchronized Front Side Bus and Memory Bus. Quake 3 Arena Direct3D Performance: Outside of the memory controller, the chipset is virtually identical. Site design and front-end production by mike kane.