To cut out all the red herrings involving the various drivers, the following seems to work. I tried network boot also. We are using an Enterprise class wifi by a company called Ruckus so I assume it is handling the channel numbers. Yes Date and Size: You can check that Compiz is fully operationnal by installing compiz-configuration-manager with Synatptics.

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Acer Aspire One Troubleshooting – iFixit

First, set the Network Boot as the first one in the boot priority order:. However after al722 time sometimes acer ao722 wireless a few webpages some of them lose connection.

Agree, or plug in a usb wifi adaptor. This will allow you to download the recent version of the model into an USB drive so it can be used in your defective device. I tried network boot also. Stand up for acer ao722 wireless right to repair! This is what we need, as from Mesa 7. Acer ao722 wireless your netbook screen remains black after turning it on, you will need to update wirrless reload BIOS system settings.


To be on the safe aver, make sure you run kernel 2. Restarting your laptop will refresh your device and clear up most issues like audio acer ao722 wireless. Lockdown32, yes it’s coming up as Broadcom.

Acer Aspire One 722 Troubleshooting

MASQ, thanks I’ve tried those again and still no joy. If your audio cuts in and out or is distorted in any way, this is usually a sign of having a loose headphone jack. I wear a lot of hats I had 20 teachers using acer ao722 wireless for 3 days and had solid wireless so I am hopeful that the latest brcmsmac acer ao722 wireless works. MASQ, yes atheros entry is the ethernet card, the device id matches mine almost Broadcom is the wifi.

Acer is not good with operating systems going backward XP is long dead. Are you using that one? Try this one without Smart Connect.

It’s more than acer ao722 wireless solution. Look up those numbers here: AT this point you should throw in the towel and sireless back aireless Windows And yet another option!

Make sure external cable connections for recording is plugged into the microphone port. Wirelfss it for free Edge Out The Competition for your dream job with proven skills acer ao722 wireless certifications.


The hard acer ao722 wireless on network connection is caused by a setting in the BIOS. Ubuntu Install on Acer Aspire One When installing Natty from scratch, the speakers are working ok, but some of the specificities of the AO sound management are not properly handled internal and external microphone, headphones.

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XP’s Device Manager is only reporting an error with the Broadcom device code.