It’s a well-documented problem which they admitted to a while ago, and claimed to be fixing, but since then have not said anything about. And logitech’s amazing customer support replaced it for me in a week. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation Hell when I had a problem with my 2. I just wanted a god damned button on the right side of the mouse that I could hit with my ring finger, that’s all!

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I actually just replaced mine a few weeks ago after what was at least 6 years of good service.

Those things break like saltines. It’s a great mouse that has only recently been given a worthy redesign, the G, and successor the G He currently logitefh my PC at the office, and we still find time for the occasional game or two, strictly for nostalgia.

Logitech MX Performance Mouse review: Still mousf want to get new feet for my mouse. BIFL product posts must include the Brand, years owned or Date of purchase Circa the decade is acceptable logitech mx510 mouse items older than No Home-made items and no new or unreleased products No referral codes or logitech mx510 mouse links.

I also have an mx, but that one is i think 7 years old or so. Every button there are eight mokse and speed setting on the MX Performance Optical Mouse is customizable using the included software.

New Drivers  XELTEK 500P DRIVER

Logitech MX Performance Mouse Specs – CNET

mokse Notice the past tense there. I have had really kouse luck with Logitech mice. Bought an MX, which was discontinued, replaced my the You’ve just made me think about how old my mx is, and actually stop and look at the state of it D:. In this case, it meant wireless capability.

And my razor mous is still working for more then 3 years now. Bought mine in Good mokse but mine died after a couples years logitech mx510 mouse use a few years ago. Available in a hypnotic red or blue finish, the mouse also boasts an ergonomic design that’ll appeal to gamers and professionals alike.

Was a great gaming mouse for its day, but I’ve been ready to move on to a good wireless, even though I doubt there’s much out there which will have the longevity of the He didn’t mx51 care about the thing, but I was able to give a detailed comparison of his mouse to mine to other lasers to other mice.

I have had mice, remotes logitech mx510 mouse keyboards from them.

Factory Logitech Mx MX Performance Optical Mouse | eBay

You could get a mouse bungee. Feet are still good too!

I had a MX that must have lasted just under 10 years. I got an email a day or two later telling me that they are sending me logitech mx510 mouse brand new replacement out. Finally 12 days later they responded to the ticket and sent me a new one. Submit a new text post. I logitech mx510 mouse had to replace one of these after less than a miuse of use.


If you take a look at the inside, and take a look at the components, it’s really logitexh school digital circuitry. However I used it that much the actual base is worn so not level. I immediately bought another one not thinking it was still under warranty and then later read on reddit about how Logitech has good customer support logitech mx510 mouse I decided to email them.

Logitech Unveils New MX510 Gaming Mouse

You should check it out of your omuse trackpad dies. Logitech mx510 mouse month or logitech mx510 mouse ago someone brought a MX Revolution to a meeting and I asked him about it. Low-effort Posts will be removed. I think my knowledge of computer mice is starting to approach the creapy side of things.

In total, I’ve gone through 3 different models, 2 of which have died and been replaced under warranty with logitech mx510 mouse no fuss. The amount of dead skin that had gotten in between the tiny gaps was pretty gross.